The HGV Levy is due to return 1 August 2023 after it was suspended due to the pandemic

Published On:
15 August 2023

If you operate HGVs over 12,000kg on a motorway or ‘A’ road you must pay the charge.

The Levy in its newest form differs from how it operated previously. Vehicles are now charged based on emissions and weight. Previously, the levy paid varied according to weight, number of axles and Euro standard.

For vehicles registered in the UK, the Levy must be paid either every year (annually) or every six months. You will need to pay the levy alongside the vehicle excise duty (VED).

Do we need to arrange to make the payments for the Levy separately?

UK-registered HGVs – you pay at the same time and in the same transaction as vehicle excise duty (VED). Levy rates will be calculated automatically by DVLA.

Operators of non-UK-registered HGVs can use the HGV Levy payment service now to pay in advance for trips made from 1 August onwards.

Who does the Levy apply to?

It’s for HGVs of 12,000kg or more. The Levy aims to make sure these vehicles contribute when using the road network. When the current Levy suspension ends in August 2023 the Levy amount will be based on:

  • Vehicle weight as a broad approximation to CO2 emissions
  • Vehicle air quality emissions standard
  • Levy duration

Is it included in the Road Fund Licence (RFL/road tax) or is it separate?

The DVLA calculates the Levy due and it is then incorporated with the VED payment due.

Does it have to be paid at the same time as RFL?

Yes, it is paid at the same time as the road fund licence.

Are we responsible for it if we hire or lease trucks?

Whoever pays the VED will pay the Levy.

Can operators plan journeys and pay up front?

The payments up front are for the non-UK-registered vehicles they use the online payment system. UK-registered vehicles are charged automatically by DVLA.

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