Customs Brokerage

Accurate , Fast and Complete to ensure Compliance
customs brokerage

Our in house customs brokerage teams located in both Ireland and the UK expedite shipments timely and efficiently through customs border locations. Each member of our team has been trained to the highest quality industry standards. Our Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status issued by customs administrations in certifies that our systems and processes has met certain standards in relation to Safety and Security and to manage commercial records.

In addition, we provide:

  • Alerts on relevant customs and import / export documentation requirements
  • Liaise with Customs officials on your behalf to clear your goods consignments
  • Provide Provision Temporary Storage Facility (TSF) pending Customs’ inspection
  • Customs Audits  
  • Training and Upskilling programmes on Customs formalities
  • Customs reports issued through Power BI
  • Country Of Origin Listings
  • VAT and Duty Payments
  • Advice on customs classifications
  • Certificates and Authorisations
  • Advanced customs routing notifications through our AEO status

We provide a wide range of Custom Brokerage services including:

  • Customs Declaration – Export / Import complete documentation
  • Upload Documentation – “one stop shop” for Customers Declarations
  • UK and IRL Customs declaration, access to CDS – AIS – AES – NCTS – ICS (safety and Security) – PBN – TSS
  • Payment of Customs Duties

Use our expertise and experience so your documentation is complete and avoids delays and speedy delivery to your final mile destination

  • All documentation is stored by us for access at any time and making customs audits easier to manage and retrieve
  • Our reports are clear and detailed to facilitate VAT reporting and internal reporting
  • Customs documentation and compliance regulations are complex, so we take the hassle out of it for you and help to ensure your customs compliance
  • Onboarding your customs’ staff to ensure a smooth transition and customs compliance and ultimately speedy delivery of your goods
  • Our Customer Service team are available to chat to directly to sort out any customs queries

We have a large in-house Customs Brokerage team who will handle your queries, simplify the process and explain what you will require. Call us now on +353 1 822 2200.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need to complete a Direct Representation form?

A direct representation form needs to be completed before Network International Cargo can complete a customs declaration on a company’s behalf. This is in the event of any queries with the information supplied on the customs declaration from customs authorities, as it indemnifies Network International Cargo, and states all information provided was from the supplier of the goods / commercial invoice.

What is holding up my delivery? What does a yellow or orange routing mean?

Only a green routing / released status is what allows Network International Cargo to release goods from our Temporary Storage Facility. if an import customs declaration is orange routed, it means customs require a further check of the supporting documentation. If an import customs declaration is yellow routed, the goods require further inspection by government agencies (DAFM, HSE). And lastly if a customs declaration is red routed, customs need to complete a full physical inspection of the goods before they are released.

What is a statement of origin? Why do I need to put this on my invoice?

A statement of origin is a declaration made by a supplier of goods stating that they wish to claim preferential origin and can prove the origin status of their goods. This is required to be shown on your invoice as it is used by the customs broker as an indication they are allowed to proceed with declaring for preferential origin.