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    Recent economic trends have forced companies to switch their supply chain from a supply driven to a demand driven model. To plan customer orders and deliver what they need, when they need it isn't easy for any importer or exporter. Nowadays companies require shorter, faster, leaner supply chains that deliver greater efficiency and lower costs. Some say that's no different than what it was five years ago. Well, the dynamics of business is changing so quickly that more companies are shortening their order to cash cycle to support revenue and cashflow.

    Network International provides global distribution services and logistic solutions that support demand driven supply chains. That is why we are becoming one of the fastest growing independent logistic companies in Ireland.

    We understand that every customer's requirement is different. It is only after we evaluate your requirements and current challenges will we customise a logistics solution that will best fit your needs - That's the difference we make.

    Many companies are now choosing service providers who operate niche services to niche markets. We are not a 'one size' fits all large organisation but what we do, we do very well and we deliver on what is expected. That is our promise and if your requirement is beyond our service capability we will quickly let you know.

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