Door to Door Delivery is one aspect of your supply chain that is usually outsourced to a logistics company. Selecting the right delivery partner is often quite difficult considering the wide choice available in the market.

At Network International, we offer a service solution that provides both value for money and professional support throughout our network. Here are some good reasons why many companies have chosen Network International as their preferred logistics provider.

  • Flexible
    We are flexible with a flat management structure so we can make decisions quickly with our customers’ needs in mind at all times. We have experienced people managing your deliveries to ensure it arrives on time, safely.
  • Passion
    Every member of our team provides an important value to the company and ultimately the customer. We are passionate about our business, our customers’ success and protecting the environment with our sustainability programmes.
  • Value
    Our pricing models are customised to meet your own individual needs so we can offer superior quality service that delivers on time every time.
  • Information
    Dedicated Account Management teams that look after your business and report on performance. Customer Service Dept is available.
  • Control
    We use our Control Tower Model to track every item and to alert customers if there are logistical challenges beyond our control.
  • Innovation
    We are developing new business ideas all the time. We are opening new routes, using new technologies and vehicles and applying the highest of industry standards.
  • Best in class
    We manage the basics well and have the right business processes and people in place to manage new business successfully and profitably.
  • Attention to detail
    We believe this is the most important aspect of every business. We ensure the little things are never overlooked and deliver what is expected on each shipment shipped through our network