Severe restrictions on imports of Steel and Iron products that originate from Russia

Published On:
16 October 2023

NOTE :  From September 30th 2023, the EU and UK has imposed tighter controls on the importation of Steel and Iron products. The sanctions against Russia have resulted in Importers of sanctioned steel and iron products processed in a third country to prove that the materials contained have not originated from Russia.

Currently Steel & Iron products of HS Code starting HS 7206 to 7229 or HS 7301 to 7326 are affected by these sanctions.

What does this mean for you and could this cause delays importing Steel or Iron related products?

– It is important you qualify with your suppliers that ship Steel and Iron related items to you and request evidence that the goods sourced have not originated from Russia. A Mill Test Certificate (MTC) is the best form of proof confirming the technical specifications of your Steel and Iron related products.

– If the supplier can prove that the material content of the Steel or Iron product has not originated in Russia, a mill test certificate (MTC) should accompany each consignment imported and/or a declaration clearly stated on the invoice that the Steel or Iron products as defined in Annex XVII of Regulation 833/2014 and amended by Regulation 2022/2474 do not contain material content of Russian origin.

– The importer is responsible for the information provided in the Mill Test Certificate (MTC) and the authorities may require further information as required.

– Failure to adhere to the above will result in import delays and we understand that the authorities may require further evidence to prove the origin of your Steel or Iron product imported. To avoid any delays please take immediate action with your supplier base.

The restrictions have commenced on a phased basis (EU Only):

• 30/09/2023: Products of Annex XVII containing products other than those of CN codes 7207 11, 7207 12 10, or 7224 90

• 01/04/2024: Products of Annex XVII containing products of CN code 7207 11

• 30/10/2024: products of Annex XVII containing products of CN codes 7207 12 10 or 7224 90

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