Network Updates – January 2024

Published On:
8 January 2024

Irish Exporters of SPS goods to Great Britain

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If you export SPS goods from Ireland to Great Britain you will need to be pre – notified on the UK’s SPS Import System IPAFFS  – learn more here.

For exporters of SPS category products (this covers live animals, plants & plant products, products of animal origin, and food of non-animal origin) you can read Irish Revenue information here.

Below you can read more about the requirements, and we enclose some useful UK Government links.

Irish exporters will be familiar with this requirement, but we are reminding them of the deadline which is very soon. We are sharing this with our UK customers just for information purposes.

4 Week Countdown – new import controls are coming on 31st January 2024

Prepare now to be compliant and avoid disruption to your business and supply chain.

What changes are coming on 31 January 2024?

The introduction of health certification on imports from the EU of medium risk:

  • animal products
  • plants
  • plant products

The introduction of health certification on imports from the EUof high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin

The introduction of new checks and controls when moving Irish goods (i.e., any goods other than Qualifying Northern Irish Goods) from Irish ports directly to Great Britain

3 Things to help and prepare you for the changes that are coming:

  1. Know your risk-category – use these online tools to find the risk category of your commodity
  2. Ensure that your EU supply chain is preparing to provide you with health certificates and/or phytosanitary certificates – find out more here
  3. Be ready to correctly submit your pre-notification in IPAFFS – attend a January training session or read our guidance
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